Afternoon Concurrent Sessions 2

Concurrent Session 2A

- Advanced Rate Design & TOU Rates

Concurrent Session 2B

- AMI - Utility Benefits & Challenges

Concurrent Session 2C

- AMI Delivers DR to the Mass Market

Summary of the Ontario Smart Price Pilot,
Frank Lenarduzzi, Terra Power Systems Inc.

Utility Benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI),
Rick Stevens, Hydro One Networks

Residential & Small Commercial Demand Response,
Sasha Sud, Ontario Power Authority (OPA)

Introduction of TOU Electricity Prices to Ontario's  Residential Sector,
Russell Chute, Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

Minimizing Resistance to Time-of-Use Rates Through Customer Education,
Sandy Manners & Shelley Parker, Horizon Utilities Corp.

Zoned Residential Heating/Cooling Systems with Advanced Controls,
Jeremy Sager, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan

Benefits of Real-Time Hourly Pricing,
Nash Peerbocus, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

Maximizing Demand Response Through AMI,
Paul Grod, Rodan Energy Solutions Inc.

Modeling Residential Zoned Cooling Systems Using Building Energy Simulation
Bartosz Lomanowski, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Designing a Strategic Portfolio of Pricing Plans,
Ken Deal, McMaster University / marketPOWER Research
& Bryan Scott, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co. (OGE)

AMI / Smart Grid  - Lessons Learned,
Bruce Orloff, IBM Corp.