Poster Sessions

The following posters were presented by students at the Conference:

Poster No.


Authors / Affiliation


Goal-setting for Residential Electricity Conservation

Julia Shulist, Eric Mallia, Ian H. Rowlands, Paul Parker, University of Waterloo


Load Curtailment Activation as an Energy Management Planning to Shift Peak Demand in Toronto

M. Ebrahim Poulad & Alan Fung, Ryerson University


A Cognitive Work Analysis of Energy Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting

Antony Hilliard & Greg A. Jamieson, University of Toronto


Tenant's Household Electricity Use in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: A Case Study in the Green Phoenix Place, Toronto

Miles Roque, Alan Fung & Vera Straka, Ryerson University


Energy Benchmarking Using Multiple Indicators for High-rise Residential Buildings in Toronto

Yirong Huang, Mahssa Ghajarkhosravi & Alan Fung, Ryerson University


Smart Dual Fuel Switching System: A Heuristic Approach for Residential Energy Cost / GHG Emission Reduction

M. Ebrahim Poulad, Nima Alibabaei & Alan Fung, Ryerson University